GPT4-Turbo with Langgraph and Streamlit used in human-in-the-loop news wrting ap mates Streamlit and Langgraph to create an app using both multiple agents and human-in-the-loop to generate news stories more reliably than AI can alone and more cheaply than humans can without AI. It’s an example of how AI can help fill a gap in local news reporting.

Based on GPT4-turbo so you do need your own paid OpenAI API key to get past the first screen (cost a few pennies per run).

Code is open source at GitHub - tevslin/meeting-reporter: Human-AI collaboration to produce a newstory about a meeting from minutes or transcript

Screenshots and transcript of a a session are here ,

Most examples of Langgraph use are in Jupyter notebooks so not really suitable for deployment to a broad audience. Streamlit solves the UI problem but mating the Streamlit and Langgraph state machines is an interesting problem.


Nice. Thanks for sharing.


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