Gpt4 tell me that he is cant read files

i dont understand what happen, i bought gpt4 before 3 days because the option to upload files, its work in the first time and he read the pdf and explain it to me and from today he claim that he cant do it, so gpt4 can read files or not?

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Yes, in principle GPT-4 is capable to read files, provided they are in a readable format and in a language that GPT-4 can process.

Are you using the API or the ChatGPT interface?
What’s the specific error message that you are getting?

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Unfortunately i cannot open or read files directly this is the ans that he gave me, also i use got interface i.e open from the chrom

So you are on ChatGPT and not using the API right?

Are your files in readable format? Which length do they have? What are language are they in?

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I am also facing same issues. When I upload an image it says this.