If I load the file on user messages Gpt-4-turbo-preview cannot read the file

If i load file on user message Gpt-4-turbo-preview he says “I received the file. Without the ability to access it directly, I cannot provide a specific description of its contents. However, if you need assistance with the contents of the file, please provide me with further details or guidance on what you need to know or do with it.” but if i load the file from the assistant update he can read the file, why?

There is an indeterminate amount of time before a file has had content extraction performed and is ready. There is also no file status (‘extracted’) method on the API (While ChatGPT GPT builder gives a progress and a completion of file upload and processing…)

If you are uploading the file and sending the message and running at once, I would add a ten-second delay between upload and run so see if that is then working for you, and then you can start to make some considerations for the file size and file type when you shorten that delay.