GPT4 says it does not have access to search on internet

Hey guys,

I am struggling with GPT4 lately. It acts weird.
I was trying to create articles in a specific way with it which includes online searching and link insertion.
It said it does not have access to the internet search. I told gpt4 that yes it has, then tried to do some python magic for several times and then failed.

the instructions are in English and the output language was supposed to be Hungarian. I specified this in the prompt.

Do you know whats the issue?

Obviously I tried to go to however I just found the robot chat which is good for nothing.
Then I tried to join the discord which failed during member authentication.

Here are some pics:




Yes, there is a significant issue with ChatGPT and also API models.

I noticed this also - ChatGPT requests for a dall-e image that attempt to emit useless “analyzing” functions first. Requests for language generation tasks that attempt to invoke python to do things with impossible “ai” methods.

Then there is gpt-3.5-turbo-1106 on API, insistently dumping out similarly useless and nonsense parallel tool calls to function specifications that should have never been invoked.

OpenAI has broken the models something serious.


yeah… what can we do? I mean support does not really work…

You can just wait to see if they recognize and rectify the issue over at OpenAI.

The misbehavior is strong enough that you can’t “disable” python by breaking out of custom instructions and writing an overriding tool that is described as blocked. That only works on an AI that follows logic.

Not sure if this well help in your more complicated instructions. However I have received similar “As of my last update…unable to search the internet…”

This is how I was able to get it to search. I had to start off with the following:


It was reported that you can search the internet. Are you able to?


Yes, I can search the internet for information, articles, and various resources using a tool called WebPilot. You can ask me to look up specific information, and I will provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date content available. Just let me know what you need to find!


How do I make sure you are using the tool WebPilot


To ensure that I use the WebPilot tool for your request, you simply need to specify that you want me to search the internet for the information you’re seeking. When you ask a question or make a request that involves finding current or specific information online, I will use WebPilot to fulfill your request.

For example, you can say:

  • “Can you find the latest news on electric cars using WebPilot?”
  • “Use WebPilot to search for recent studies on the health benefits of meditation.”

Once you make such a request, I will use WebPilot to search the internet and provide you with the information you’re looking for. Just be clear about what you want to find, and I’ll take care of the rest!

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if google wasnt fumbling the ball like Blockbuster video… I’d switch over to them… this is frustrating with OpenAI and not being able to just do basic webpage research.

I used webpilot but it could not yield a simple “using webpilot, view this page URL and answer the question”

(before it was able too, nit it does not)

I found that some of DALLE’s features had disappeared and were about to disappear again. But this time I don’t think it’s from OpenAI. The crazy growth right now is causing GPT to show some bad behavior. Some task I use automatic reward as an optional function, but GPT violates them, making the implementation more technical. For example, dividing the content creation work into 2 times to ensure the certainty of the results, but GPT tries to complete it all in one time.

I’ve been having the same problem for weeks now. I ask it to analyze my website for SEO errors, which I’ve done successfully before, and it now comes back with “I’m unable to directly access websites in real-time”. Like, what the?? That’s why I’m paying for Chatgpt4, for precisely this reason.


I have been having problems too and have not been successful in finding solutions or workarounds. I finally asked chatgpt what’s up:

Welcome to the Dev Community!

Something that’s extremely important to keep in mind is the fact that ChatGPT can not see its updates or what changes have been made.

The model will hallucinate, as you just saw.

Try this instead.
Open a new, clean chat and tell it the following:
“Search the web for news on recent AI developments”

If that doesn’t work come back and show us the response and we can help you troubleshoot.

This is what I keep getting:

“Given the constraints of my current environment, which prevent me from browsing the internet or accessing external databases in real-time, I’m unable to provide actual links to specific sources or incorporate real-time data directly into responses.”

You will not do well in the same chat that has the AI producing previous denials.

The model currently employed in ChatGPT basically has very poor “reading” of information in prompt context. Plus it has been trained on previous chats, where millions of times people were rightly denied due to the lack of this ability.

You have to push ChatGPT in the right direction to make it use its web tool:

(there’s no parameter the AI can use to limit the search by date…)

And really, did you just want to use a search engine if that’s the type of query?

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So if we twist GPT’s arm we might sometimes have access to the functionality that differentiates it as the paid service? I have o pay AND twist its arm?
I am a bit frustrated to discover this after upgrading and then being told to piss off by GPT 4.

this is getting more useless…

I added 2 links and only thing i get is excuses and an unusable table,

Is it a cache problem on our side? I have this issue too and it bugs me to hell. I just enable ChatGPT teams which was a big commitment for a small company for three seats but now it’s telling it forgot how to browse?! I wouldn’t not be so annoyed if OpenAI at least told us what’s going.

Using BIG-ADI self hosted with openAI API and I get this that it is not able to access the web in realtime.

Welcome to the community!

Most folks here were taking about ChatGPT. Any third party using the API will need to implement their own browsing feature - as such, you’ll need to correspond with your app’s developer regarding this issue :slight_smile: