GPT3.5 keeps switching to GPT4

I’m suddenly getting GPT4 responses when I select GPT3.5, with a (really distracting) shining icon below the response that shows “Written with our most capable model, GPT-4, available on ChatGPT Plus” and a “Get ChatGPT Plus” button telling me to upgrade. But I already have a subscription and I chose 3.5 on purpose. It’s happening on both the web UI and iOS.

Anyone else seeing this? It’s happening consistently on all chats, and I can’t use 3.5 at all now.

I have the opposite problem. Forced use of 3.5 from a 4 convo, killing the iteration process. Cannot access to GPT 4, only 3.5.

It’s still happening. Poking around at the requests, I see this in the conversation data:

“model_adjustments”: [

Still no idea why it’s happening, though, or whether it’s counting against the GPT4 quota. I suppose I could spam 41 prompts at it to see if it gets throttled, but that’s a bit of a waste. Would be nice to know, though, and to have better messaging around whatever’s happening (instead of showing a “Get Plus” popup to users who already do).

What browser you are using?

I tried to repeat your p[roblem but works fine for me.

Sorry, I didn’t get a notification for your reply This hasn’t happened for a while, I’m guessing it was just some confusingly-implemented A/B feature test that not a lot of people were seeing. From what I recall it wasn’t browser-specific and happened both in the web UI and iOS app (something account-specific, not environment).