GPT use triggers quota limit early, but straight GPT4 continues just fine

I’ve noticed for about a week that if I use one of my GPTs to work (I use a couple of them a lot as they make that work proceed much better), or if I’m developing/testing a GPT, it hits me up with a “you’ve reached your limit” quota stop really quickly. I have a Plus subscription.

But if I slide over to regular GPT 4, I can immediately continue with no problem. So clearly the message quota count is buggy when using GPTs, or, OpenAI has set a different quota between custom GPTs and regular GPT 4. My guess is it is a bug, not a feature. :laughing:

Anybody else noticing this? It is very annoying because most of the time I set it off while iterating and testing on a GPT. It sucks when you are in the zone with an idea and all of a sudden (obviously super early) you have to stop working on it. :cry:

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