Gpt response weirdness

This is just a tiny bit of the oddness I found with chat gpt

In the first screenshot I asked if “Assistant” could edit videos. It said yes surprisingly. Continuing on I asked it how do I have assistant edit videos. Then later after talking with a buddy(we were ecstatic cause this would be a huge time savor) I went back because neither of us could find info about it I asked the original question again and got the usual can’t do this response

New users can only embembed one at a time

Youd have to talk to openai about pricing for such a task, but it is certainly possible. You could probably ask ai for a code framework or outline for how to do it, the ask step by step what it would do for each step in your task. That would be a cool tool honestly. Potentially could charge people $1 per app to do it, just load pics and load music and it would divide by the length of the music how many seconds per image, make it a minimum of 3 seconds per image or something.