GPT profile picture not updating and GPT response with error after just a few hours

Hi! Developers! So I’m starting to learn how to create great GPT. So I created this GPT focused on helping people learn about 8thwall technology.

The name… 8thwall Expert. Focused on acceding the documentation and APi along get code examples from the oficial repo.

All this to be able to help all level of expertise developers.

I attempted to create a interactive model that allow the user to select how the user would be treated and what type of response get.

But I found out that every time I updated the info the previous instruction was overwritten. This means I need to create a giant instruction including the links to visit?

So. Anyway I manage to publish my first GPT, serving as a interactive an servicial interface to connect to the Docs and meant to give code examples or help debug errors and code.

But after a few hours. Im not able to use the thing once is in public.

I can use it to edit it and submit the changes but this changes wont reflect now. The user would get the same response.

I think there maybe copyright issues and they turned
It down to prevent any conflict.

What is your stake on thi?

I was happy at first to create something but now I’m sad I can share my custom GPT to my friends.

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I have the same problem all the profle pics don’t work wheter they are my files or GPT generated.