GPT creators & usage caps

Some thoughts to share with GPT creators:

The current usage caps will stop many GPT’s from being viable. eg:

  • GPT developers creating games will have users with insufficient queries available to complete the game. Users won’t want to “waste” their limited queries too casually since they’re capped.

  • Any advanced GPT that requires multiple responses as input may struggle to complete the GPT instructions within the users allocated number of queries, despite those interactions possibly not requiring much processing. eg: asking a question is not comparable to requesting a fully coded solution.

  • If a problem occurs with a GPT, the GPT developer may be unable to troubleshoot once their own quota is depleted.

In time, these limits will disappear, much like capped broadband plans, but in the meantime there’s some constraints to consider. Because, you’re possibly sharing your “great idea” before it’s feasible and then everyone else has your idea.

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