Will Custom GPTs (non-API based) forever be limited due to usage caps?

Whether it’s 25/3 hours, 50/3 hours or whatever limit is currently in place, GPTs that require regular interaction, say games or ones where the user needs to iteratively use it, will always suffer from usage cap.

You can’t play a fun word game if you run into your usage cap within 15 minutes and then have to wait 2 hours to play again.

Are API-based chat bots the only real way to go?


Its a difficult balance Usage is.
Especially with the new context length.

Per token is cheaper, but that ability to do more…
Its not easy to solve.

That said - if a word game hits that usage cap that quickly…

Had this problem today !

Do you know of any ‘usage counter’ or type of way we can see our limits so we can limit ourselves to be more efficient of prompts ?

So thinking about the past year and your question at the top, no I don’t think Custom GPTs will be forever limited due to usage caps. They may be for the next few weeks or months.

But the cost of models keeps decreasing.

So I would feel confident that you can create away, and play away, and know that one day before you know it, you’ll not notice the usage cap for a long time. It may return periodically as new major announcements happen and interest increases.

But overall I spent about I’d say 95% to 97% of the past year not hitting the cap. And I use ChatGPT / GPTs for about 12-14 hours per day.