Gpt builder, creation review

I am using gpt builder.

This is what I felt after playing with gpt builder for 12 hours a day for nearly 3 days.

No matter how well you teach gpt builder information about a specific topic and how to communicate with users, at some point in the end, there will be no difference from the answers that just gpt-4 can provide.

Are there any services or tasks that you can provide to people that are much easier with gpt builder than with gpt-4? If anyone has had success, please share your experience with me.

p.s. If you work hard to teach AI with gpt builder and then save and close the window, the next time you open it again, gpt builder will forget all the websites and algorithms you specified and go back to the beginning. Am I the only one having this problem?


Yes I think the idea of “prompt magic / stuffing” will slowly fade as more of a gimmick.

I think the magic will come from actions, good document retrieval and harmonizing between all the available tools. Preventing hallucinations will be a good help.

The main idea is that someone who is already using ChatGPT can switch between GPTs and perform different tasks all within the same platform. It’s almost like a web browser with multiple tabs open but instead you are literally just talking to it.

So ChatGPT can be helping me cook something that my daily-door-ingredients company has sent me (using their GPT via actions to retrieve the cooking possibilities), while switching between other GPTs to ask about the weather, road conditions, and how grandma bonnie is doing

Has anyone created or submitted any gpt to gpt store yet? Curious about your experience with the process

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The process for submission doesn’t exist yet but is expected to be announced within the month

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Is chat gpt builder really something amazing? I just created a psych chatgpt and yet the answer don’t differ from a normal chatgpt4. What’s so amazing about it? The chat gpt I created makes so many mistakes it’s painful even a normal human wouldn’t do that many mistakes…
Where’s the issue? What’s the catch? What to do?
I was excited to build useful and monetizable gpt using my personal experience but the GPT that I build is lame. I mean the quality of the artificial intelligence is laughable.

No possible to change the interface; not possible to turn the text into spoken instructions; not possible to help it get teached by wikipedia or other website or uptodated informations.

Honnestly I feel like chatgpt hype is more about what it could be rather than what it is!


Hi! I have build a couple and they are doing fine. The only catch is that when I set it up to launch with certain conditions like launch with web search activated, this has not happened so far. However, the quality of the gpt will very much depend on the quality of initial building instructions.

I believe I have the same problem. I include some key search information in the “configure” section instructions, such as where to look for a specific topic if requested. Everything goes smoothly for a few days, then it autonomously decides to condense all the instructions I’ve entered in the previous days and replace them with a very brief summary. This process, after the update, leads to a regression in its knowledge.

After these updates, I tried asking simple questions that it had answered in the previous days, and it couldn’t answer them anymore or locate the files to retrieve the relevant information for the question.

Moral of the story: For now, I’m managing by creating backups of my manual instructions because when it follows my logic, it works optimally. So, every time it deletes my instructions, I delete its. For now, we’re fighting this way. :))

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