GPT access on cell phone app

My GPT Ranko works well on Mac but when I access it on the cell phone app it tells me my GPT is unavailable. I can access other GPTs alright. Is there any additional setting for app access?

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Seems to work on my setup, ty uninstalling the app and installing again.

Thanks, but my GPT is till grayed out after reinstalling.

:thinking: But it works on your desktop machine… how odd.

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Does your GPT use an Action? GPTs with Actions don’t seem to be available in the mobile app yet. You can only access over a web browser (desktop or mobile).

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Yeah it uses an action (API call). That explains it. Thanks

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Update: they seem to be working now (example below of a private one I have where I have several API-based actions)

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As this topic has a selected solution, can it be closed?

Is that android or iOS (they look so similar now I can’t tell)?

It’s from the iOS app - I didn’t know there was a 25 character limit so I added this to meet it