No plugins in IpadOS or iPhone on GPT v4. Apps

I am a GPT 4 subscIn either iPadOS 16 or 17, and iPhone OS 16, my plugins have disappeared and ChatGPT acts as if Plugins don’t exist. I actually got IPhone app to pull up menu after “NewChat” was chosen, but when I actually chose two, neither showed up and the query showed the same response on both devices, Ï can’t view external content like YouTube videos. Could you please provide the key points or the main subject matter of the video for me to summarize?” WTF???

Hi hesynergy, welcome to the community!

I understand that you’re trying to use plugins from the ChatGPT App on iPhone or iPad (sorry in advance if I misunderstood).
To my knowledge, there is no menu in the App to choose plugins.
However, by accessing a historical conversation that used a plugin, it seems to remain active.

The trick I use is a link to an empty conversation with just the OhMyPlug plugin installed. OhMyPlug offers a list of plugins upon request (for example, try “List of plugins for YouTube videos” or “List of plugins for video editing”). Then all you have to do is click on the link of the plugin you want (for example, YT Summarizer), and a new conversation opens in the iOS App with the plugin activated!

You can try by clicking on this shared conversation from your iPhone or iPad : (It’s an empty conversation with OhMyPlug plugin activated)