GPT-4o for GPT Assistants?

Are there any plans to implement GPT-4o model in GPT Builder to update or create more comprehensive Assistants?

During the announcement, they did state the GPT-store would becoming available to everyone for free.

I think everything that we saw in the announcement today is going to get fully integrated with each other over time.

I don’t see how they wouldn’t do this.


We need clarity on this. Is the store available to free users or not?

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I think I heard clearly that the store in particular and the basic gpt-4o llm would be available to free users of the browser interface to ChatGPT. To me this is the most significant part of the announcement. I was just about to blog about this and re-promote my GPT to a suddenly huge addressable market when I decided to see how formerly free accounts get access to the new capabilities in general and the store in particular but couldn’t find any way to make that work. Hopefully this is just a timing issue but clarity is essential.

It is very clear. It will be rolling out to free users over the next few weeks.

Can you point me to a written openAI statement that the GPT store will be accessible to free plan users? Thanks.

Screenshot 2024-05-16 134445

Thanks. Any idea when they’ll be rol this out.

Maybe the end of the month. No exact time frame.