Gpt-4-vision! New model name is out but not the access to it!

Hey guys, I know for a while the community has been able to force the gpt-4-32k on the endpoint but not use it - and now, with this new and beautiful update to the playground - it is possible to see the name of the new model that got added to the API - but is restricted from public access: gpt-4-vision! What a time to be alive!


Did some of you expect it to be gpt-4v instead or gpt-vision? i sure did, welp, just a fun thing to share, hope everyone has a great day


Wow! But, how will you upload the input image?

This name was circulated for months, but obviously isn’t friendly.


I think that gpt-v would make you think it would be available for free users too. So instead of saying that the OpenAI plus subscription contains gpt-v, they put a 4 before it making it obvious that you would need plus.

So what if you are a paying member and have used GPT-4 in the past? Is there any word on how to use the API with image inputs?

Welcome to the community!

You can not currently use the API with image inputs.


Any expected date for release of API with image inputs?

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We’re excited to roll out these capabilities to other groups of users, including developers, soon after.

The context is “after ChatGPT Plus users would all get access” – and they don’t all have access yet.

So there’s no expected date for even letting developers know the expected date.

Then comes the price.

damn! I think i got it right on this one:
i wonder if it’ll be on playground at some point… much like whisper…

@Thiago The gpt-4-vision-preview is available in the playground of Knit (my own product), feel free to give it a shot, it’s free to test run your vision prompts!