GPT-4 not in my engine list yet

I am a paid subscription customer. But not as long as I need to be apparently I do have access to the OPENAI GPT 4 chat

I’ve paid twice and only have gtp-4 chat and no access to gtp-4-32k API :frowning:


From what I read here, apparently the developers are really busy fixing up GPT-4 to scale. I noticed even the message about limiting the number of messages in the chat :speech_balloon: is still active

So my guess is they are no where near ready to release a production version yet. They have chosen developers my guess with beta intentions targeting specific styles of implementations

Us newbies need to be patient soilders waiting on the ammunition to arrive :sunglasses:

Meanwhile 3.5 has promise to keep us busy and the upgrade might be seemless hopefully

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Im sure had I known I cant use GTP-4 Api yet I would have waited to pay. I got beta stuff but the chat web stuff not the reason I paid. I actually paid twice due to an error. not been great start.
yer I get they busy every1 wants it…is a bit misleading.
.Still sumin to look forward to, getting access, ty wolf

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