GPT-4 is unusable on my account but works on my GF's account (same computer/internet)

Hi everyone,
As the title suggests, GPT-4 is unusable on my own (work) account but works on my GF’s account. I am using the same computer, internet and browser. What causes this? What should I do to fix this?



Hi @Matthijs,

can you share some further details on this? E.g. if you are using the API or the Interface?

This is happening for many users, according to reddit. gpt-4 worked amazingly for me the first couple of days and now it is practically unusable. The response length is a fraction of what it was (just cutting off in the middle), nearly every submission generates an error message and requires repeated resubmission before it will finally respond. Of course, pressing “regenerate response” uses up your quota. How convenient. It appears that new users do not have this problem. Which suggests that openai is throttling existing users after a certain period of time in favor of new accounts.

Hi @benjamin.nussli,

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One question regarding your statement: Does this also happen when you initiate a new conversation? I ask this question because for GPT3 the whole content of the conversation was re-submitted when you posted a new message. So the deterioration in performance might also be related to a increase in needed computing power because the more content is submitted the harder it becomes to answer the messages.

Can you provide some further details on when you are experiencing the performance issues?



Usually if ChatGPT suddenly stops and doesn’t complete the text it means that the token length was reached before it could finish. Best solution (afaik) is to ask for a completion, a summary of the conversation, and start a new one.


Yeah this is happening to me too now. First it was cutting off answers, and then I had to ask for completions. Now it just gives me a straight up error. It works on my colleagues accounts however? Did you get a resolution?
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It works flawless for me now. I moved to another country; maybe that’s it?

Wait what? lol. You physically moved?

Hello, I am having same issue. My GPT-4 plus stopped generating response since yesterday till now. Please any suggestions on how to fix the issue ?

Yes I moved to another country for work

I’m in Canada and I have the exact same issue right now. It simply doesnt give me anything

Same issue in Germany. No anwers from GPT4 for days.

Exact same issue is here! Now it won’t even let me use any gpt due to “capacity” even though I have plus. Tells me “Our systems are a bit busy at the moment, please take a break and try again soon.” Crazy it’s been more than a week and they haven’t fixed this. So fucking useless and a waste of $20.

@nrsander were you by any chance using a now deprecated vscode plugin?