GPT-4 as a Smart Notebook and Assistant: Insights and Enhancements

I’ve used GPT-4 and then GPT-4 Code Interpreter as an intelligent notebook for 3-4 months across a few different chat instances. Here’s my feedback and suggestions.


  1. Smart Secretary: Its ability to remember and use context appropriately is invaluable. It has been exceptional in assisting me with email composition, providing valuable advice, and helping me communicate effectively, especially in high-stress situations where I can’t think clearly. Despite heavy reliance on the tool, it exceeded my expectations.

  2. Task Management: This chat replaced my iPhone Notes app. Its superiority lies in its ability to organize tasks by date, week, month instantly, or any other way I need. The advice it offers is also at least interesting and sometimes helpful.


  1. Mobile Shortcuts for Individual Chats: Implementing the ability to create shortcuts for specific chats, such as my notebook chat, directly on the home screen of my iPhone or the ChatGPT app would make it as accessible as the Notes app.

  2. Permanent Notes: A dedicated section for storing crucial notes would offer a layer of reassurance, complementing the tool’s memory.

  3. Pin Chats: Pinning specific chats to the top would provide easy access and eliminate the need to scroll through extensive chat history after a few days of inactivity.

Can you explain your workflow with examples? I don’t understand the use case, but interested.

Here’s a prompt I use after inputting all the stuff I have to do into the chat for a while:

Don’t use code for this, do it manually in plain text. Today is July 30th. Please read, re read, and remember everything we went over so far ultra carefully. CHECK, DOUBLE-CHECK, and TRIPLE-CHECK THAT YOU DIDN’T FORGET A SINGLE SENTENCE, WORD, OR LETTER. MISSING EVEN THE MOST MINOR DETAIL IS DISASTROUS. Never assume I did any tasks I didn’t explicitly tell you about, instead always roll over to be safe. Be ultra-useful and ultra-detailed in telling me everything I have to do, in the following days, weeks, and months with ultra detailed hyper-intelligent advice and ultra detailed ultra useful comments. Don’t use code for this, do it in plain text. Take this step by step.