GPT-4 api estimated release

I’ve been patiently waiting over a month now to receive my API key. To be honest, I find it challenging to identify 15 distinct instances where the API underperforms, failing in excess of 90% of the instances. My intention is to utilize this API for some upcoming physics projects at Scuola Normale of Pisa. However, from various discussions in this community, it seems that acquiring the key could take several more months. Could anyone provide some insight regarding a possible timeline for its release? Are we talking about a few more weeks, months, or possibly even a year?

What about trying Microsoft Azure? Same models are available there

Microsoft Azure is a great place to start Till GPT4

GPT4 is available on Azure in preview per:

Prices are the same as OpenAI, so if I was struggling to get access I would certainly hedge my bets and try Azure as well.

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