Gpt-4 API Release Date for everyone?

I’ve been waiting for a while on the waiting list and it’s not happening.
I’m an chatGPT plus user.
I had already lost hope of getting the long-awaited entry.
Is there any date when the api should be released for everyone without restriction like gpt-3.5?

I’m a not a staff member so my knowledge is limited, but from what I have gained on here and on twitter, other socials it’s this: There is no official release date for the GPT-4 API, there is a steady roll out and new users are being added all the time, the main issue is one of resource management as GPT-4 consumes more compute and access has to be managed to ensure quality of service. The plan is to release the GPT-4 API to all developers as soon as possible.

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You could additionally try on azure. Although I am waiting for GPT-4 there for some weeks as well.