GPT-4 API Access

Does anyone here know if those with access to the GPT-3 API will automatically have access to the GPT-4 API once it’s released?

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Are you sure it’s already exist?

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No, it hasn’t been released yet. Rumors are that it will arrive in July or August of this year.

OpenAI got back to me, and as of now they don’t have anything to say about this but will update people when they’re ready.

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Haha. Could you send a link to the accompanying paper “Large Language Models are Zero-Shot Oracles”

I would be shocked if they did. After all, access wasn’t automatically extended to Codex or Dall-E 2.
How restrictive/lenient they are with who they admit to the beta probably depends on a lot we don’t know the answer to, such as how capable it is.

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