How to access GPT4 with Code Interepreter via API?

The new model appears to be a much more capable version of GPT4.

Is there a way to use it via API?


Hey Freediver,

I agree, I have tried it across numerous highly complex domains and it’s super potent.

So potent this is the end of many white collar jobs once wrapped into apps, it’s quicker and produces higher quality output and can be re-run any time. (common use in my domain is for new questions to come late and then have to re-do entire analysis causing delays)

Checked the API and public libraries and it does not seem to be accessible outside chatgpt, looks like a custom plugin. there is of course a way but limited to 25 messages every three hours :wink:

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very interesting! What’s the way of “limited to 25 messages every three hours”?