Gpt-3.5-turbo not appearing in Playground

I don’t have the option to use the new gpt-3.5-turbo in the playground: OpenAI API - do i have to activate it or something?

Sorry if it’s a dumb question. All help is appreciated :slight_smile:

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I have access to gpt-3.5-turbo and can confirm that it indeed doesn’t show up in playground, as of writing this.

Most likely because it’s already available via

UPDATE: I can now confirm that playground has been upgraded with a new Chat mode.


Can confirm, if Mode pulldown list is set to Complete, then you will not see gpt-3.5-turbo or gpt-3.5-turbo-0301. It is appearing in the Model pulldown list when the Mode pulldown list is set to Chat.

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Correct. Just select the "mode’ and you can use turbo:

You can access chat mode directly with this URL:

Playground: Chat Mode


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