GPT-3.5 got error messge "something went wrong"

I am a plus user, and over the past period of time, the plus benefits have brought me a very good experience: I can quickly get a response from ChatGPT, and when I leave the page to do other things, I can still immediately resume the conversation with ChatGPT when I return to the page.

However, starting from the past few days, every time I finish a chat and come back to the page to chat after a while, I always get an error. This experience completely goes against my original intention of purchasing the plus plan. I believe that OpenAI programmers must have made some changes, such as “changing the token expiration time.” Have any of you encountered this issue? If more people are experiencing this issue, I hope OpenAI can take this problem seriously and address the bad experience it brings. I hope to receive a response from the staff.