Google Spreadsheet + GPT3

Hello Nelson, thank you for sharing your spreadsheet, I’m trying to use the model: gpt-4-0314 and the model: gpt-4, but with both I get the following error:
Exception: Request failed for returned code 404. Truncated server response: { "error": { "message": "The model: gpt-4 does not exist", "type": "invalid_request_error", "param": null, "c... (use muteHttpExceptions option to examine full response) (line 98)

I believe GPT-4 is not available for all the accounts.
Have you request access yet?

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The users in this thread are discussing the combination of Google spreadsheets and GPT-3. nelson introduces his idea of combining a prompt and response from GPT-3 through a Google spreadsheet, providing a link and clear instructions on how to use it. He suggests users update their API key before using it and to not mistakenly share this key. He showcases the function of the spreadsheet with carefully annotated images and makes sure users understand how to link cells together in a workflow, modify values to get a GPT response, and use semantic search to call GPT.

The link to the older version of the spreadsheet with compatibility for the older models was also shared. Other users such as PaulBellow, lmccallum, and raymonddavey react positively and actively engage in the discussion.

The conversation also segues into the potential limitations of ChatGPT due to the lack of an API for it, as raymonddavey mentions. Despite these limitations, raymonddavey proposes potential workarounds, such as using placeholders in training and swapping them out with data from other services.

nelson provides further insights on how to approach the problem raised by peter.nemec, proposing integration of API feeds with the GPT API. This integration allows for customization and opportunities for pulling in real-time stock information into the Google spreadsheet. He demonstrates this interaction with images and shares another link to a new version that addresses issues with burning tokens.

Problems with the script are discussed by johnfaig, who reports his disagreement with the default API key, which remains active despite his API key being valid.

Finally, bill.french addresses the need for efficient patterns for domain experts to curate and transform information from various sources for AGI use. He shares his own workflows and experiences, emphasizing the importance of workflow support to quickly test and refine iterations without regression. He ultimately suggests that Google Sheets may be a starting point but further intelligent environments might be needed for more complex and integrated AI creation processes.

Summarized with AI on Nov 30 2023
AI used: gpt-4-32k