Google Sheets Function - Wrong Behavior

Hi all,

I have been struggling with a custom use case with Google Sheets. Basically what I have is a spreadsheet with 3 rows:

  1. Column A - Question Type (How the question should be handled)
  2. Column B - Question
  3. Column C.- Answer

I want my GPT to read the questions in Column B. Ask the user the question and write their answer in Column C. For some reason, the GPT has the proper actions to interact with the google sheet but for some reason is lacking the ability to intelligently determine which row the answer should be placed in. Generally there is no logic behind where it is storing the value. ie. The answer to the question in Column B row 2 is placed in Column C row 5. Also, the GPT seems to be unable to ask ALL the questions on the sheet. For some reason, even on its best day, it will only ask 20 or so maximum before trying to move onto the next step in the process.

I’m happy to share the functions I have created but they are all the basic ones (update cell, read cell, open spreadsheet, etc.) Please help - this is driving me insane! :slight_smile: