Custom action for Google Sheets


I’m looking for any guide describing how to call Google Sheets from my GPT as an action and store there data.

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Welcome to the forum.

Here’s an overview of the steps to call Google Sheets from your GPT model as a custom action and store data in it:

Set Up Google Sheets API:

  • Create a Google Cloud project.
  • Enable the Google Sheets API for your project.
  • Generate credentials in the form of a JSON file.

Authenticate Your GPT Model:

  • Load and use the credentials JSON file to authenticate your GPT model with the Google Sheets API.

Write Code to Interact with Google Sheets:

  • Develop code using a client library (e.g., Google API Client Library for Python) to interact with Google Sheets.
  • Implement functions to perform actions like creating, reading, updating, and deleting data in your Google Sheets.

Call Google Sheets from Your GPT Model:

  • Within your GPT model or application, invoke the code you’ve written to interact with Google Sheets.
  • Use these calls to store and retrieve data as needed.

Remember to consider security and error handling in your implementation and refer to the detailed documentation provided by Google for the Google Sheets API and your chosen client library for specific instructions.

Depending on how complex your needs, you might also try directly using the from the Action without writing any code and using the GPT as a natural language interface to the API

You might find it an interesting (and possibly frustrating) experience.

You may need to pare down the schema / fix it up for the GPT to validate it

EDIT: Caveat I have only tried google apis with api token so far, not with Oauth, so that might change things.

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