Google Cloud Terminal

Any thoughts out there using Cloud Shell as the terminal via quick start Dvinci ? I’m not sure I understand the training element (i.e. pdf data) in this platform. I need to train with large textual data sets of 1000 pages or more.

If I’m starting in developer’s mode here:

I understand Google Cloud Shell is a terminal.

Or, what terminal is OpenAI referring to?
Thank you !

They are referencing the terminal of your computer. Linux and macOS command line interfaces are referenced as “terminal”. I believe the google cloud shell is a modified Linux terminal with additional access to GCP specific functionality. It should work, but using a local linux terminal is better imho. I am not sure windows command prompt/powershell works the same as a linux/unix/macOS terminal. I think you can run terminal commands through powershell though if you’re not interested in learning linux.