Quickstart terminal issue(help)

Greetings, OpenAI community!

During the quickstart tutorial - 4 Building your application phase, I have cloned and when adding my API key, I could not find project directory. Do I have to use Mac terminal?

Please look at the attached picture… If there is a related video tutorial, it would be extremely helpful!

Thanks guys!

Hi @Louisp

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Yes if you have macOS running.

Use powershell if you’re on windows, or linux terminal if you’re on linux.

Here’s the said tutorial from folks at AssemblyAI.


Much appreciated sukhman!!


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How may I install Python library? (from the video). I have already installed Python on VSC.

Last question, I have my generated secret API key.

Instruction says, I must make copy of a file using following code:

cd openai-quickstart-python
cp .env.example .env

But where can I do it?

You should just be able to rename the file extension, I believe. Just make sure it has your key in it.

Good luck!


Great!! Could you specify little bit? lastly, project directory = project folder?

Newbie so yea haha

Hi @Louisp

Before you start making mistakes changing thing you need to understand what you have now.

Your image shows a .env file already @Louisp

What is in that file now?


Thanks Ruby for quick reply!

I will check immediately as soon as I get back to my imac.

But perhaps, do you know what this means?

$ cd etc etc… → This type of codes must be inserted on terminal? not the actual codes?

Thanks community, really.

Yes of course I know.

These are basic unix / linux shell commands.

TBH, I personally consider explaining basic shell commands out-of-scope and too elementary level for this developer community.

Sorry to be so candid, @Louisp

Maybe study and practice elementary linux shell commands first @Louisp ?


Ruby, you maybe right. I do not have thorough developer experience.

Could I go with Python? That would lead to ML path which our organization is currently in.

Thank you for honest opinion.


In case you want to learn from scratch: Python for beginners - Training | Microsoft Learn

Thanks, @ruby_coder , @sps

Have an amazing day! :slight_smile: