Operating Systems for using APIs

Hello All,
I am new to learning the Open AI models, and would like to try some things like fine tuning models. I was looking into learning some more basics on things like scikit-learn as well and was considering installing everything on a linux based VM. Can I ask what OS’s people generally use, or is it worth sticking to windows to use the CLI?
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Pretty much any OS for the API since it just calls an HTTPS endpoint.

I use Mac locally and Linux in the cloud.

But for general ML/AI development, it gets more into your CPU and your GPU. And you will notice this more than OS.

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I think the system doesn’t really matter. With macOS, it’s easy to use a virtual machine for any system. The main thing is to have a screen for coding, a screen for ChatGPT, and a screen for API output and debugging.

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Thanks, will test it out on the windows side so long :smiling_face: