Giving a client ownership and control over a plugin I made

I’m developing a Plugin for a client (I already have two approved plugins of my own in the store). I am ready to submit it, but the client wants control and ownership of the plugin.

Do you provide a way to either change ownership to a different email/account?

Should I create an organization and invite the client to join them? Will they have any control over the plugin?

Can we do it manually, i.e., I manage the submission from my account and once approved I give rights to another email/account to make changes / resubmit / withdraw the plugin?

Please help me out here

The client likely doesn’t understand what the plugin means. There is little to it beyond a specification for OpenAI, and serving up some data on demand.

Do they have an API backend? Their own domain for hosting the API interface, database or whatever else needs ongoing support and maintenance?

Do they have a developer account with plugin access?

No? They cannot “control its use” or implement it themselves.

Do you have code exclusively used in their application and not any of yours? Consider: you assign copyright and then they can desist you from using your own code?

Are they paying for your plus account? You keep on feeding the thing $20/mo so that they can have a plugin, after all.

An organization has nothing to do with ChatGPT access, it is for API billing, so no on that.

There is no transferring accounts between entities. Nobody’s getting added as a plugin developer right now.

You can submit a plugin with a different name, different domain for resources, and a different legal URL. And API must be operating to be approved. Then that part can be under their control and they can break it under their control.