How are plugin owners identified?

Hello, I am currently developing a plugin.
The API is complete and I would like to submit a review.
I would like to ask you one question.
Who will own the plugin?
I believe any account can submit a review if they know the domain.
If you identify a hosted domain, you will be submitted a review ticket.
How are they treated? How are plugin owners identified? thanks.

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I’m not sure I follow you precisely, clearly you own the Plugin as you created it.
What in your view is “submitting a review”? do you mean “I think this plugin is great/not good”? or do you mean submitting it for approval to be included on in the Plugin store?

A little more explanation would be great.

Thank you for the reply.
" submitting it for approval to be included" is.

Anyone can issue a ticket to have a plugin reviewed.
Is it a problem that the user who requested the review for the first time and the user at the time of re-review are different?

It should be submitted from the same account, yes.

Not 100% sure about receiving submissions from within a company, presumably, any legitimate request will be made via the originating account.

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