Give API free to subscribers

To persuade users to come over to be PLUS subscribers there should be free API access as part of the subscription, obviously will h rate limits and stuff.

Or at least the first X amount of API calls per day are free and then if it’s getting battered you get charged etc.

Just seems barmy paying for service and then paying API on top. Other services I use API is included if I pay a monthly payment.

I dunno, don’t you get a free contingent anymore when you sign up for the API?

ChatGPT and the API are two completely different products, it looks like they might not even use the same models. For all intents and purposes, API and chat might be two completely separate companies…

So I doubt that will happen.

I understand where you’re coming from, but I’d like to respectfully disagree.

While it’s true that ChatGPT and the API may operate as distinct products, it’s not necessarily accurate to say they are completely separate entities.

I still believe it’s a suggestion worth exploring.