It'd be nice if chatGTP API had minimal free tokens every month

I signed up for a paid API account, I think pricing is fine. I have no issue paying it.

However, as an educator, I’d like to get more people exploring the API using fun projects for themselves, and I have a feeling the credit card requirement is going to be a show stopper for that in some cases.

I feel like the front end UI usage is already very generous and I wish the API would follow suit (i.e., maybe a very minimal grant of tokens every month? Something that would allow a person to make queries for themselves.)

I know you’re trying to run a business, and I don’t know jack about your compute expenses… just my 2 cents :slight_smile:


Just curious, can you give example of some fun projects you can think of - as educator?

I’m working on something right now which could be used in the education and I’d love to have some feedback on the features I imagine.

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Honestly I think building out your own use-case UI can be a useful thing. Crafting it so that the system message does some of the heavy lifting and end users don’t have to think as hard about the prompt.

It definitely is a Show stopper. I k ow a Credit card is a thing, a US citizen usually has.
But where are. Ountrys on the World, where having a Credit card certify you to be a upper classic member, so in these country, 70-80% of all Potential customers are blocked out from being customers.

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