GGPT3 weighs in on the ethics of cloned human meat

Someone on Twitter was conducting an informal straw poll on the ethics of selling cloned human meat for pet or human consumption.

So I asked GPT-3 for an opinion…

The issue for me really boils down to whether it tastes any good.

I think cross-contamination is a real threat. It could hurt the diversity of the biosphere. But i think gpt-3 does not considering these objections because it requires many years of simulation of how genes adapt to the environment. Without appropriate models its not a gene engineering more like alchemy. Because when you add new program to your OS you test every aspect of that program so that it cant broke other programs In other words good programmers develops entire ecosystem in the first place. On the other side i read that genome has some error correcting feature. Gene switches can be like map one to many and many to one. And also Gpt-3 mix up taste of chicken with porridge. :slight_smile: There are astronomical number simulations running. So we can assume that agi synthesizes most common tastes from all the simulated worlds in order to cut off unnecessary calculations needed for deterministic simulation of chemical reactions