Generating short stories about a topic: any suggestion?

Hi all what’s the best prompt/recipe/workflow to generate a short story about a specific topic?

Probably the story will be converted to a short video (max 2-3 minutes).

Because I’m planning to generate many of these (along with a dedicated YouTube channel), I’d like it the frictionless as possible.

Hi Ivan,

What kind of stories are you interested in generating?
I usually give 2~3 similar examples and find the story generation is good for me.
Is there any special requirements you would like to add into your story generation?

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Hi @zhuohanx and thank you for your reply.

The target are children, probably 5-8 yo.
They are fiction stories with educational goal: each story has a morale/teaching for the kid.
Probably the stories have fictional characters, such as bees and other, with anthropomorphic abilities, of course.

This is why I want them short: they have to be snackable (before going to bed, when the parent has some spare time to share with the kids, etc…).

@zhuohanx do you mean providing 2-3 examples in the playground?
I fear 4000 tokens would not be enough.

I was thinking of fine tuning: I’m collecting datasets about stories all around the World (and the Web), but I wonder if there is an easier (and no code) way out.