Generated images coming out with foreign language

I tried generating an image from the question text of a multiple choice question text (What type of metamorphosis do termites go through?).
The image contains a language I’m not familiar with but it’s not English. Is there a language setting I need to set? Image looks like:

Many more results like this.

I suspect the problem you have is that you are assuming it is a real language. Just as an LLM can hallucinate an answer it can hallucinate text. Personally would not waste time trying to figure out if it is even a real language.

Sorry, the prompt was: “Create an image from the following question text: What type of metamorphosis do termites go through?” EricGT: Don’t care what it is (lol). I just want it to be English if it has to put text on the image.

Should I not assume it’s not going to ever generate a usable image?

I am not the image expert but two common problems I see noted with image gneration are

  1. The images are more cartoon like. This is noted as being done so as not to use images based on real people and be open to a lawsuit.
  2. Text is not seen as text but as pixels for an image so would never expect an image to have valid text. Those that are trying to generate slides with bar graphs and axis labels run into this problem every time.
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Is this through the DALL-E 2 API or ChatGPT DALL-E 3?


DALL-E 2… I don’t think 3 has been released to the public

That’s why I asked.

DALL-E 2 just puts random bits of language-like text in images when it puts text in images.

It’s just what it does and it’s a known thing.

There is nothing that can be done about it.

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DALLE3 is a bit better with text, but usually only one or two simple words, not a whole phrase exactly… we’ve come a long way since the original GAN models, tho.

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“now now”





Well thanks everyone. I’ll just cool my jets and see what 3 brings. Don’t really want text on the graphics but we’ll see what happens!

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No problem. We’re all here to help.

Do you know how to get clean images w/out text? Do you have prompts that show text when you don’t want it? Some words can trigger it occasionally, like poem and some others…

But once again, from my point of view, it’s always more on how you interact with the model specifically. You need to let it flow thtough it’s own features, so ask to “itself”, like so:

Usuario: Give me the best prompt for this question, in order to create the best possible image that represents it: What type of metamorphosis do termites go through?

Asistente: Here you have a detailed and descriptive prompt to visually represent the metamorphosis of termites:

“Photo of a sequence of termite metamorphosis, showing four distinct stages. On the left, a translucent termite egg on a piece of wood. Next to it, a termite nymph, small and light in color, exploring the wood surface. Beside it, a termite in an intermediate stage with developing wings and a darker body. Finally, on the right, an adult termite with fully developed wings, ready to fly. Each stage is clearly labeled, and the background is a worn wood texture.”

Would you like me to generate an image based on this prompt?

Usuario: Yes.

Asistente: Here is the image that represents the metamorphosis of termites based on the provided prompt. Is there anything else I can help you with?

and voilà:

oh! and I’m spanish, so I’ve wrote everything in spanish! Then I’ve asked him to fastly translate it just for “educational purposes”. :smiley:


Trulell e fo a tusle
Create Image (from) following text


Tasguee foe fouscee
Termites go through

-Arooase of eusle!
Then arrives bug from egg
Butterfly comes from caterpillar -egg-!
Bug with with wings from beauty OR egg OR cocoon!
Beautiful colorful wings of [mashup] Beautiful butterflys,
cocoons, and eggs ; egg to nymph to adult!

He (DALL-E2) is not English. He is a conglomerate of his training.
He is the epitome of all cultures, languages and Western Philosophy
AND Eastern Philosophy.

DALL-E2 uses incredible font technology; the dingbats, wizzbangs,
undecipherable symbols, mashups, glitter bombs, yes, even his
tendency to revert to entropy is revealing and excitingly creative.

While DALL-E3 can work with English text better, he is not perfect
either. Missing letters and combined letters propagate. It’s all good!

Use GIMP, color in his text and add layer of yours.

Bigger question is why the Monarch, Polyommatinae and chicken egg.

Reigtechs: Awesome idea!.. I’ll incorporate that!
Jonahelisio: LOL… that’s just what DALL-E came up with from the question! :wink:
Can’t wait to try these new ideas out!

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