How to add non-English fonts, such as Chinese or Japanese, to an DallE 3 image

I generated an image by DALLE 3 but failed to add Chinese to it. Is there a way to do this?
To add Chinese or Japanese to a picture generated by DALLE3.

You can prompt (you can write Japanese, right), but it will have the same nonsense as when the AI tries to write English … and then some.

Mention of “Korean street scene” in English

Prompting in Japanese I get Chinese-y looking stuff for the most part.

Not my text 「最初の人工知能」or「偉大な発明」

I even got English back that looks like a translation, because the initial construction of images is based on embedded spaces and labels.


In DALLE 3, You can hardly add English Phrase concisely in one time. Not to mention the Non-English Phrase.