Spelling mistakes in Dalle-3 generated images

I am using Dalle-3 using APIs to generate social media posts inside our application. I have often noticed the spellings are wrong in the generated image even when told explicitly in the prompt to use correct spellings. Can anyone suggest a better approach?

Because of the way DALLE works, text is difficult. DALLE3 is an improvement over DALLE2, and I’m sure DALLE4 will be even better. Image text generation isn’t stable enough for production use, imho.

Photoshop. :person_shrugging:

extra words for discourse

Yeah, this is a known area of improvement for us, we have some stuff in the works to address is so stay tuned! My honest suggestion today is to not use DALL-E to generate the text if it’s more than a few words and add the text after the fact using a tool like Canva.


This issue has been going on for so long that I started to think it was impossible to get the text right in images. But today, while browsing through the gallery, I noticed that many users’ artworks included correctly spelled text. So, I decided to give it a try. I casually created a statue and asked for the base to be engraved with ‘What exists is reasonable,’ and to my surprise, it was spelled correctly. Maybe you could give it more tries?

This issue is really annoying, even after giving correct spelling , it’s still giving wrong spelling . So most of the time , have to give up on using texts .

The question I have is “How do you stop DALLE 3 from producing text in images?”

The answer to discouraging text is not to just send text to the image creator like it was a story.

Instead, describe the contents of an image as if you were piecing them together yourself. Just typing something up in a style where I know it’s not going to put “frog” as text into the image:

“Create a storybook image, with the style of a line drawing that is filled with watercolor. The imagery should portray a frog that riding on the head of a crocodile, The fat frog is green, but also has colorful accents and large eyes. The crocodile is seen partially submerged in the water, with just the top of its head emerging, with the frog seated on the crocodile head. The background beyond the water will be a pastel jungle scene that comes down to the water’s edge. The image is wide format, filling the frame edge-to-edge.”


Thus what I have been using after trying different prompts and getting wrongs texts on images