From Dream to Team: Proposing a ChatGPT-Powered Workspace

Hello OpenAI Community and Team,

Over the past year, I’ve explored various LLMs, and I’ve consistently preferred ChatGPT for a wide range of AI and writing tasks. The recent integration of Copilot into Microsoft’s Office suite, along with my experiments in Notion, has led me to an exciting conclusion: ChatGPT could greatly benefit from its own integrated workspace.

Imagine a unified platform akin to Google’s suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides), but infused with ChatGPT’s AI capabilities. This workspace would allow ChatGPT to interact directly with your documents—providing feedback, streamlining workflows, and minimizing the need for separate function calls and additional GPTs. While Copilot serves as a commendable collaborative AI, it’s clear that not all AIs are created equal, even if they access similar LLMs.

Such an innovation could revolutionize collaboration, offering a seamless, interactive experience that’s both powerful and intuitive. And the best part? It’s entirely feasible.

Consider this branding idea: a campaign highlighting the versatile applications of ChatGPT—DreamGPT, CollaborateGPT, DesignGPT, DiscoverGPT, WorkGPT—culminating in the tagline “ChatGPT: the future of collaboration.” This isn’t just about creating another tool; it’s about redefining the landscape of collaborative work.

This proposal isn’t merely a response to the competitive landscape—where platforms like Bard, Copilot (formerly Bing Chat), and the upcoming Grok (and a workspace potentially integrated with X’s everything app) are making waves. It’s about charting a path forward, one where OpenAI sets the standard for AI-enhanced workspaces.

Perhaps this idea might seem ambitious, but in a world swiftly embracing AI collaboration, it’s not just visionary—it’s necessary. And if there’s any hesitation from OpenAI, well, it’s an opportunity ripe for the taking by those ready to build the future of work.

What do you think? Is this a project our favorite digital genius could undertake without stepping on Microsoft’s toes? After all, the potential for innovation in AI collaboration transcends direct competition, offering a new paradigm for how we work and create together.

All the best to you and yours,


“I’m ChatGPT and I approve this message.” - ChatGPT