Forwarding the contents to the real persons


Chat GPT would be revolutionary to the mankind. No doubt. Hearty congrats.

I do suggest as follows:

You could send the related contents which raised in CHAT GPT by the questioners to the much related persons through setting up a community or to their mails or howsoever convenient to you.

Just for an example, I raised BELOW at CHAT GPT just now for my friend:

My QUESTION: I am Indian. What best I can do in Singapore to get good earnings

Chat GPT ANSWER: There are several options for Indians in Singapore to earn a good income. Some popular options include:

  1. Finding employment in a multinational corporation or a local company in a field such as finance, technology, or engineering.

  2. Starting a business, either alone or in partnership with others, in a field such as food and beverage, retail, or consulting.

  3. Investing in real estate or the stock market, either through individual investments or through a professional investment advisor.

  4. Teaching or tutoring in a field of expertise, such as language, math, or science.

  5. Building a career in the healthcare, hospitality and tourism field.

It is important to note that Singapore’s economy is diverse and competitive, and success in any of these fields will depend on factors such as your qualifications, experience, and networking abilities. Additionally, please consult with professionals in the field to make sure you are aware of the legal requirements, and the best way to go about getting a good earning.

If the question is forwarded to / shared with the real person’s mail or howsoever (to whom the topic is interested), the person may contact me for connections and vice versa.

Thus, the real world would collaborate with AI world. The outcome would be much greater.

Thanks to consider.

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محتاج شيت اكسيل يقوم بحساب تكلفة المنتج

What you sent to me is as follows:

I need an Excel sheet that calculates the cost of the product.

Wrongly sent?