Fix for Payments Error on Upgrade To Plus

From the day I opened ChatGPT, it’s changed my life. Naturally, as an avid user, all I’ve wanted to do is buy ChatGPT plus. However, for the past two weeks, the image below has been the story of my life - the image shows the error I get when I try and buy it by clicking on “Upgrade to Plus” on the left-hand pane. The error says “The payments page encountered an error. Please try again. If the problem continues, please visit”.

That being said, I just discovered a solution. Log in to ChatGPT with a new Google account in an icognito window. It works!


I can’t pay chatgpt plus when I open icognito window.

It is a connection problem if you enable VPN, you can turn on globle policy to fix this issue.


Try a different browser. As per my thread, everything was broken in Chrome (getting the same error as you), but Safari seems okay: ChatGPT has been broken since yesterday - #2 by lext

my payment completed but still im in free version, I used tor browser with random IP and still i dont have access,
do you think if i make new account and use VPN possible to fix the issue?

I have also encountered the same problem and it has not been resolved yet. Have you solved your problem? What is the solution

I am getting right now same.
Even I am having ChatGPT Plus access but right Now I can’t able to use anything…