Fine-tuning training using the openai-cli does not complete / no response

I’m using Windows 11 and the version 0.27 of openai cli.

When i run the command:

openai api fine_tunes.create -t <my .jsonl file> -m davinci 

the only feed back that i get is:

Uploaded file from <my .jsonl file>: <file-id>
Created fine-tune: <fine-tune-id>
Streaming events until fine-tuning is complete...

It stays on this response for some time, then I get:

Stream interrupted (client disconnected).
To resume the stream, run:

  openai api fine_tunes.follow -i <finetune-id>

Just in case, I went to my ‘Usage’ page and saw no fine-tuning history


Hi and welcome to the forum!

Starting a job puts it on the que to be processed, it can take many hours for your job to begin.

If you use the command given to resume monitoring you can see the job status.