Fine tuning gpt-3.5-turbo with credits

Hi guys can one fine tune their gpt-3.5-turbo with credits had some errors using google colab after upoading the file please assist.Thanks

Prepayment credits purchased through the new OpenAI billing system can be used on any OpenAI API service, including paying for the processing of fine-tune jobs, by using an API key generated in the OpenAI service.

Training files also must be uploaded to OpenAI via the OpenAI files API in order to train models on them (no cost).

I cannot speak to the functions of Google or of other’s notebook examples. Consider that the fine-tuning of gpt-3.5-turbo and the new endpoint and code one must use is barely a week old.

So I am getting the error here
res = openai.FineTuningJob.create(training_file=file_id, model=“gpt-3.5-turbo”)
even when I wait for 20 minutes and I have file ID pops the error am on explore
and I have credits