Fine tune job pending over 72 hours!

As the topic suggests, my fine-tune job has been pending since August 7th until now!!! Why??? Does anyone have the same issue? Has it been resolved?"

same for me! I have a fine-tune job no run even 72h! :rage:

There is this page that will give you all the status on every bit of openAIs products. Take a look at it. OpenAI Status - Partial outage on training jobs on fine-tuned model creation

Plus, when you log onto this site a little blue window pops up letting you know the status of any problems that are going on.

Thank you !This is helpful for me, but can’t see the details of the issues here, right?

Not on this forum but from that page I linked at the bottom click on Current Status and it will take you to the page I met to link to. :slight_smile:
If you hover your pointer over the last little line on the right under API it will give you more information. You can also subscribe to get e-mails about any problems they are currently having an get updated on everything.

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