Assistants API Knowledge Retrieval by numbers

Anyone have experience with the model not being able to retrieve knowledge from a file when referencing numbers?

I have a simple product information text file with multiple product information that I would like to interact with. Data includes item sku and other standard stuff like name, description, etc.

I have added it to the files and am able to interact with it successfully when I reference an item by its name or description, but its not able to find relevant information when I do a simple ie. “give me info on product 102”.

The real item code is ‘0102’, and it cannot seem to be able to find a relevant info unless I give it exactly “0102”.

I have tried giving it instructions to find the closest match, a wildcard search, etc. but none seem to work.

The idea is to have the assistant be able to reply back with a simple “did you mean 0102”, or “here are multiple items with similar item codes” so it is able to cater to imperfect prompts.

Anyone faced with a similar problem?

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