Wrong answer from the assistant.

Greetings to everyone,

I am trying to create a technical support assistant for a custom work, but I have a problem like below;

I taught how it should be an assistant and uploaded the files related to the products as txt or pdf. The problem is that it sometimes answers the questions I ask incorrectly, in these answers it is not related to the files I uploaded to the vector store, it gives it according to its own head. When I say this question is wrong on the chat screen, it pulls the correct answer from the vector data. I numbered all the files I uploaded and said that if xx questions come to the Instructions section, pull these answers from the file numbered xx, but I could not solve the problem.

How can I solve this problem?

I use Temperature - 0.04.
Top P - 0.52

You must tell the AI in instructions what it does not have training on and therefore must use the file browser search to find.

“You are a customer support agent for Jake’s claw-machine vending services. You have no pretraining on the company, so must perform myfiles_browser search for every inquiry related to company info, company products, or machine parts.”

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This is actually exactly what I did but I can’t seem to solve the problem, the instructions were given correctly. Each file is numbered and specified in this instructions section. But it keeps giving wrong answers (irrelevant) to questions. When I write this wrong answer, it finds the relevant file and gives the correct answer.

The next step is to use model version number and release date like a time machine, where the release chronology is skilled–>incompetent, and find one that will follow instructions.

In instructions, tell the AI it must produce the text “Sure! Let me search my knowledge files to find more information before I answer.” as the very first part of any response.