File format error on fine tuning using Python


Since the API update I’ve been having trouble fine-tuning using the Python API(fine-tuning via the website still works).

Getting a file format error:
openai.error.InvalidRequestError: The file does not have the proper format

This file was uploaded via the website and the website validated it. I’m plugging the file id(ie “fileXYZ123”) into the python script. Here’s the fine tuning code i’m using:

fine_tune = openai.FineTune.create(training_file=file_id, n_epochs=epochs)

Anyone else running into problems like this? And anyone know of any fixes/workarounds?

When uploading a file using the azure sdk I got the error:

Validation of jsonl file failed: No valid format detected.

But the same file did not get an error when uploaded via the openai sdk.