Feedback - Analytics table/Dashboard for ChatGPT Plugins

Hey Everyone,

I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the first round of Plugin’s and as expected, there has been a fairly sharp increase in server traffic in the past few days.

After a few days of working with a published plugin, I think it would be awesome if OpenAI could have analytics for developers to get better insights on their plugins. This wouldn’t have to be too complex, just things like:

  • Number of installs (i.e all-time, daily, weekly etc)
  • Most popular country (i.e. which country has the most installs)
  • Impressions (This isn’t super relevant now because of the small number of plugins, but as the store grows it could be big)
  • Revenue Captured (again this isn’t relevant today as it’s mostly the developers’ job to implement payments, but if OpenAI decides to implement on-platform payments, I think this would be a fair ask)

Again as always, I understand the early nature of plugins, but I am super excited to see this ecosystem thrive. I think the first two points would be great to have in the short term as it would help developers be a bit more analytical with their decisions. Right now, we have a decent view from account sign-ups (if that’s been implemented) but it doesn’t capture the entire story.

I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts!