Delete history for custom GPT Builder - any idea?

Testing a custom GPT Builder I’m working on (desktop), creates lot of conversation left on the history/left-side-bar section of chatgpt.

How to delete them fast? Righ now, I need 3 clicks + scroll to delete one single conversation from history/left-side-bar.

Any idea?

Solution 1: Browser Extension
You can develop a browser extension that adds a “Bulk Delete” button to the ChatGPT interface. This button would allow the user to select multiple conversations and delete them all at once.

Steps to Develop a Browser Extension
Create a Manifest File: Define the extension’s metadata, permissions, and scripts.
Inject Custom JavaScript: Write a script that injects a “Bulk Delete” button into the ChatGPT UI.
Handle User Interaction: Write functions to handle the selection of conversations and trigger the deletion process.
Implement Deletion Logic: Use DOM manipulation to automate the deletion clicks.
Here is a basic example of how the script could look:

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// content.js
function addBulkDeleteButton() {
const sidebar = document.querySelector(‘.sidebar-class’); // Adjust the selector to match the ChatGPT sidebar
if (sidebar) {
const bulkDeleteButton = document.createElement(‘button’);
bulkDeleteButton.textContent = ‘Bulk Delete’;
bulkDeleteButton.onclick = () => {
const conversations = document.querySelectorAll(‘.conversation-class’); // Adjust the selector
conversations.forEach(convo => {
// Implement the click automation to delete the conversation
const deleteButton = convo.querySelector(‘.delete-button-class’); // Adjust the selector;

Solution 2: Bookmarklet
A simpler solution could be creating a bookmarklet that the user can click to execute a script that performs bulk deletion.

Steps to Create a Bookmarklet
Write the JavaScript: Write a script that selects and deletes multiple conversations.
Convert to Bookmarklet: Encode the JavaScript as a URL that can be added as a bookmark.
Here’s an example of a bookmarklet:

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javascript:(function() {
const conversations = document.querySelectorAll(‘.conversation-class’); // Adjust the selector
conversations.forEach(convo => {
const deleteButton = convo.querySelector(‘.delete-button-class’); // Adjust the selector;
Solution 3: Use a Script with a Browser Automation Tool
Using a browser automation tool like Selenium can help automate the process of deleting multiple conversations.

Steps to Use Selenium
Install Selenium: Install Selenium for your preferred programming language.
Write the Automation Script: Write a script that logs in to ChatGPT, navigates to the conversation history, and deletes multiple conversations.
Here’s an example in Python:

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from selenium import webdriver
from import By
from selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keys
from import Service
from import ChromeDriverManager

driver = webdriver.Chrome(service=Service(ChromeDriverManager().install()))

Log in to ChatGPT


Complete the login steps manually or automate them if possible

Navigate to conversation history


Delete multiple conversations

conversations = driver.find_elements(By.CLASS_NAME, ‘conversation-class’) # Adjust the selector
for convo in conversations:
delete_button = convo.find_element(By.CLASS_NAME, ‘delete-button-class’) # Adjust the selector

Suggesting Feature to OpenAI
If developing custom solutions is not feasible, you can suggest a bulk delete feature to OpenAI by providing feedback through their official channels or community forums.

By using one of these solutions, the user can automate the deletion of multiple conversations, making the process more efficient and less time-consuming.


You may try THIS chrome extension.

Thanks a lot, great solution.